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Monday, December 9, 2013

Troubleshooting « OpenX Tips « Why contract campaigns under-deliver

Troubleshooting « OpenX Tips:

Tip #22: Don’t link to inactive zones

The OpenX ad server‘s Maintenance Prioritization Engine (MPE) calculates priorities for banners in Contract campaigns. (OpenX’s Contract (Exclusive) and Remnant campaign types have their banners delivered based on relative campaign weights and banner weights.)
However, if you read the fine print about how the MPE works, you may notice that every zone in OpenX has a default zone impression forecast — that is, OpenX assumes that, until it is able to learn what kind of inventory is available in a zone, that it has this number of impressions per hour.
This means that if you create a zone in OpenX, but don’t actually generate its zone tag and put it on your web site (which in turn means that OpenX will never see any requests for banners in the zone), then the OpenX ad server will continue to assume that this zone has the default number of impressions/hour.
While this might not seem like a big deal, consider this: the default is 1,000 impressions/hour. If you link a campaign to just one such “inactive” zone, then the OpenX ad server will think that there are 24,000 more impressions available per day than there really are. That’s a lot of impressions — and the more inactive zones you link your campaigns to, the more of these incorrectly assumed impressions will exist!
This will cause your Contract campaigns to under-deliver.
As a result, you should never link your campaigns or banners to zones that are inactive.

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