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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

10 Apps for Finding Apps

10 Apps for Finding Apps:

With the bounty of apps available for mobile devices, it would take a full-time job to customize the best apps to suit our needs and populate our devices. Of course, there are the good ‘ol standbys like Facebook, Shazam, Twitter, Pulse, Angry Birds, (insert your favorite app here), but there are so many others that are worth the real estate on your phone — it’s just a matter of finding them.
Luckily, there are apps for helping you find apps. Thank technology for doing the work for you and saving yourself from the hours it would spend researching and hand-picking. The following 10 apps will help you find the best deals, the best within specific categories, the best for different genders, the best for moms, the best your friends like.... But what’s best about these best-of apps? They’re allfree.
Before you waste any more of your company’s time trolling through iTunes or the Android Marketplace (you know you do it), check these apps for finding apps first.

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