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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Why You Should Implement Continuous Integration in Your SDLC

With the prevalence of distributed computing, software integration becomes a vital point of any software project these days. The challenge of any large software project is finding problems early and often. A continuous integration (CI) environment allows us to detect problems from build to unit test to basic deployment. If a change breaks the process, CI allows us to find out immediately and fix the problem before it simmers for days or even longer.
Many organizations have realized that the continuous integration paradigm is required to be agile and able to meet business demands. To that end, their development teams have created their own processes and tools/scripts to automate the build and test processes as much as possible. Such tools/scripts are at times difficult to build, costly and time consuming. Today, however, a number of free and open-source CI tools are available to help with the build and test aspects of a developer's job.
In this article, I present the pain points that CI helps alleviate and then survey a pair of the best known open source CI tools that can help you implement CI in your organization.

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