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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Simple Test for PHP

The following assumes that you are familiar with the concept of unit testing as well as the PHP web development language. It is a guide for the impatient new user of SimpleTest. For fuller documentation, especially if you are new to unit testing see the ongoing documentation, and for example test cases see the unit testing tutorial.

Using the tester quickly

Amongst software testing tools, a unit tester is the one closest to the developer. In the context of agile development the test code sits right next to the source code as both are written simultaneously. In this context SimpleTest aims to be a complete PHP developer test solution and is called "Simple" because it should be easy to use and extend. It wasn't a good choice of name really. It includes all of the typical functions you would expect from JUnit and the PHPUnit ports, but also adds mock objects. It has some JWebUnit functionality as well. This includes web page navigation, cookie testing and form submission.

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