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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Aspect-oriented Software Development and PHP

Object oriented approach has been popular for a number of years. Its advantages can hardly be visible within short-term projects, yet any major long-term one simply cannot do without it. Object-oriented programming languages provide the tools necessary to present business logic in a demonstrable form. Today UML Class diagram ( does suggest itself even on the stage of developing the system logic.
Demonstrable business logic makes it easier for new participants to join in, helps to save time for those developers that come back into the project at later stages. It also considerably reduces the number of mistakes. But is implementing object-oriented approach enough to develop the demonstrable business logic? Obviously not. To create smart object-oriented programme architecture is not an easy task – unless you were able to successfully implement methods described in the book by Martin Fowler called Refactoring: Improving the Design of Existing Code.
Yet even now one can find not encapsulated functionality (crosscutting concerns) in a number of various classes (logging, caching, synchronizing, tracing, monitoring, debugging, run a security check, start a transaction, open a database connection). AOSD (aspect-oriented software development, is capable of organizing this kind of program logic.

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