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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wvdial - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Wvdial - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

WvDial (pronounced 'weave-dial' [1]) is a utility that helps in making modem-based connections to the Internet that is included in some important Linux distributions.[2] WvDial is a Point-to-Point Protocol dialer: it dials a modem and starts pppd in order to connect to the Internet.
When WvDial starts, it first loads its configuration from /etc/wvdial.conf and ~/.wvdialrc, which contain basic information about the modem port, speed, and init string, along with information about your ISP, such as the phone number, your user name, and your password.[3]
Then it initializes your modem (strings are sent to the modem) and dials the server and waits for a connection (a CONNECT string from the modem). Any time after connecting, WvDial will start PPP if it sees a PPP sequence from the server or, alternatively, tries to start PPP. If all of this fails, WvDial just runs pppd and hopes for the best.[3]
The connection started with WvDial can be dropped by switching back to the terminal from where it was started and pressing Ctrl-C.
WvDial uses the wvstreams library.

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