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Monday, January 27, 2014

Custom Rom HCL ME U1 Tablet - xda-developers

Custom Rom HCL ME U1 Tablet - xda-developers:

It is based on clockwork-mod recovery v

How to flash CWm recovery in HCL ME u1

1. Unzip the file you downloaded, you will get recovery.img
2. Copy recovery.img in your sdcard.
3. Download attach file and extract it in desktop. 
4. Now right click in blank space of ADB folder and open command promot in adb folder and type adb shell in command promot
5. Now type the following command in command promot
dd if=/mnt/sdcard/recovery.img of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p3

6. It will show a message after a while, it means it's completed.

how to Boot Tablet In recovery Mod:

1. Power OFF the tablet.
2. Press Power On key and also Press Volume Down key.
3. When You see The ME logo Press the Volume Up key and wait some time after the you see CWM Recovery Mod.

After successfully Booting you in CWM recovery you able to Back up data and also able to restore it.


CWm Based Custum Recovery Are next Step so Plz Wait some Time.

Hcl for our tab

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