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Friday, November 2, 2012

Does mAdserve detect fraudulent clicks?

Does mAdserve detect fraudulent clicks?:


mAdserve is a Publisher-centric ad server, and not a fully featured ad network. Since a Publisher would not fake his own traffic, mAdserve does not have sophisticated fraud detection features built in. If you intend to build your own mobile ad network based on mAdserve, please feel free to add such a feature.

However, there is one feature you can activate in mAdserve if you'd like to track only unique clicks. In order to activate this feature,

1. Open config_variables.php in the main directory of mAdserve
2. Change the MAD_TRACK_UNIQUE_CLICKS variable to TRUE

Once activated, mAdserve will only track unique clicks. Example: If a user would click on the same ad multiple times, mAdserve would only track one click.

* Please note that this feature works only if you have also enabled caching on your mAdserve ad server. You can enable caching by changing the MAD_ENABLE_CACHE variable to TRUE in config_variables.php

Make sure that the /data/cache folder is writeable if you want to enable the file-based cache.


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