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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

In the Limelight » Blog Archive » 95% of Mobile Video Views Take Place in First 90 Days

95% of Mobile Video Views Take Place in First 90 Days

Mobile video content is most popular in the first 30 days after publication. Now that should come as no surprise, but it does have implications for media archiving and monetization. From our customer data, we’ve found that on average, 88.8 percent of mobile video views take place in the first 30 days, with 95.5 percent taking place within a 90-day window. Publishers may use this information to fine-tune their media storage policies, or they may choose to target ad insertions only within the first 90 days after a piece of content is published. After 90 days, the value of most video assets (not all) goes down significantly.
With the release of Limelight REACH Version 4.8, our customers now have direct control over video deletion and ad insertion policies right from the OpsCenter interface. Both can be adjusted at a granular level, with users determining how long both primary videos and advertisements should remain active. Maybe they should all stay active forever, but maybe old video assets are just taking up space.

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