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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

phpWhois - base class to do whois queries with php

phpWhois - base class to do whois queries with php:

phpWhois version 4.2.2 Jul-09-2011

The project repository is now residing at sourceforge

This is phpWhois. If you are a PHP coder, you can use these classes to incorporate whois lookup functionality into your websites. The new version supports:

  • the new SRS (shared registry system) for .com/.net/.org
  • the new TLD's as they happen
  • almost all country code Top Level Domains, including some ones not having whois server
  • IP whois capable (including experimental IPV6 support), now you can also search hosts and Autonomous Systems
  • support for several non-ICANN domains
  • easily extended registrar classes
  • handlers for getting structured information about queries: