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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Stuff The Internet Says On Scalability For January 6, 2012

Stuff The Internet Says On Scalability For January 6, 2012:

OMG, it's 2012:

  • Harry Bombarda Twilight; 200 Million: Chinese online shoppers; Quantum 150 qubit computer: all the power of today's supercomputers;  Sperm: two aspirins worth could repopulate the world; 1 Billion: the number of iOS and Android apps downloaded in a week; Watson: 250 Servers, 2,880 cores, 10 racks, 16 Terabytes RAM, 80 Teraflops; Reddit: 2 Billion Pageviews

  • Quotable Quotes:

    • Robert Martin : The hallmark of a really good architecture is that it allows major decisions to be deferred. 

    • Building Memory-efficient Java Applications: Practices and Challenges : More abstractions = less awareness of costs.

    • Ian Muir : When we do something that Microsoft did not anticipate, it's nothing but pain.

    • @kekline : Want to know a secret - NoSQL's rapid growth is really about NoNormalization

    • Jeremy Zawodny : The fact that I can look back on code I wrote a few years ago and identify ways that I’d do it better is good. It means I’m still learning. But the fact that I can successfully resist the urge to change the code is even better.

    • John Boyd : people first, ideas second, hardware last.

  • So cool: Glowing bacteria biopixels: The sensor displays of the future. Bacteria talk to each other using quorum sensing, which means they talk using molecules. This doesn't scale to millions of bacteria. The solution: a microfluidic chips were designed to harness the localized trigger and broadcast it to the plethora of shared colonies existing on the chip. Each of the bacteria cells on the microfluidic chip is called a “biopixel." The future of sensing technology is going to be in living sensors.

The Internet has a lot more to Say on Scalability, please read the whispers below...

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