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Monday, October 17, 2011

Updated Optimizing PHP Article

Updated Optimizing PHP Article:

I have just updated my popular Optimizing PHP article with additional information on caching. I discuss memcache and squid. I also updated the PHP Accelerators and changed the tone of some parts of the article. I quote:

Perhaps the most significant change to PHP performance I have experienced since I first wrote this article is my use of Squid, a web accelerator that is able to take over the management of all static http files from Apache. You may be surprised to find that the overhead of using Apache to serve both dynamic PHP and static images, javascript, css, html is extremely high. From my experience, 40-50% of our Apache CPU utilisation is in handling these static files (the remaining CPU usage is taken up by PHP running in Apache).

It is better to offload downloading of these static files by using Squid in httpd-accelerator mode. In this scenario, you use Squid as the front web server on port 80, and set all .php requests to be dispatched to Apache on port 81 which i have running on the same server. The static files are served by Squid.

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