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Friday, April 1, 2011

KLogger: A Simple Logging Class for PHP

Since the latest release of wpSearch, a couple issues have cropped up and are slated to be fixed shortly. Some of the issues, although, are a bit harder to catch without a good set of debugging tools for PHP. The classic example of such a tool would be a log file logger.
As soon as I realized the need for a logger while developing wpSearch, I decided to check to see if one had already existed on the internet — someone had surely created a simple logging class and made it available before .. I would think. I’m a believer in the C programmer’s motto “build upon the work of others”, so checking to see if someone else has done the same thing prior to starting a project comes naturally.
After a little browsing, I couldn’t find what I was looking for. Put plainly, I wanted a logging class that:
  • Checked permissions prior to logging
  • Had a priority heirarchy built in ( Debug, Info, Error, and Fatal Message Levels)
  • Logged to plain old text files
  • Managed file handling cleanly (Open the file once, close the file once)
  • Managed resources (make sure the file gets closed)
Not too complicated. This logging class would require around 100 lines of code.
Another option involved using logging functions available in Zend, or the logging class provided in PEAR. These libraries were a little overkill for what I needed, so I passed.
I decided to write of the class myself, and it has turned out to be pretty handy. I figured someone else would probably find it useful as well, so I have posted it on it’s own project page. Click here to go to the KLogger project page.

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