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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The message is clear-cut: upgrade or perish

Employees at outsourcing firms may have another reason to stop focusing on honing their accents: there are others who can take care of that, what with workforces becoming global. Industry body Nasscom reckons that by 2020, 8-10 per cent of the workforce could be non-Indian. Five years back Infosys had less than 2% non-Indians on its rolls; today that figure is 6.1%. The upshot: how you sound when you speak matters less than before.

WNS' Swaminathan compares employees to versions of software. ``Earlier versions had a longer shelf life. Now technology dies faster. "So IT-BPO workers need to refresh faster, even as new workers coming with specialist skills will be in demand,'' he says. The message is clear-cut: upgrade or perish. 

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